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] Fixed the issue when WPML plugin is active Version 2.1.1 - [ ] Added "Send" button for mobile visitors [ ] Added timeago for visitors when they joined the chat (chat console) [ ] Added shortcode: "cx-button" [ ] Added reset CSS to make it more compatible with all themes [ ] Added "Force to use as default operator avatar" option for site logo [ ] Now chat widget fully responsive [*] Removed IE support script from back-end [*] Improved console UI [*] OPs can't reply when they're offline just like visitors [*] Changed admin menu icon of Chat X [*] Changed "Refresh" and "Erase data" buttons in chat console settings with "Re-login" and "Restart" buttons which are more useful [! "Your name", "Email") from PO file in languages folder [! [*] Checked with W3 validator [*] Removed attention grabber feature for this version [*] "Offline messages" link removed (temporarily) [*] Google Maps removed from options [! ] Removed duplicated strings and excluded "library" folder from translation [! ] Removed insecure connection to geo location server if website use SSL Version 2.0.3 - 3 December 2015 [ ] Form fields are customizable in design chat option (sortable, show/hide, required/optional and translatable) [ ] Added "get_users" function in scx.[ ] Shows "new message count" on chat button when popup is closed [ ] Added "del_session" function in scx.[ ] Added notification to offline form when an operator become online [*] Uses localdomain part of email (before "@" part) when no name provided in pre-chat form [*] Users list more stable now [*] Inactive users not included in to users list [*] Added function to clean up junk chats, inactive visitors and old sessions in every console initialization [*] Removed "delay" option [*] Removed "Offline Active/Inactive" option. ] Fixed wrong display options on categories and 404 pages Version 1.3 - 24 August 2014 [ ] Added "email notifications" for operators when visitor logs into chat [ ] Added visitor's active page url into chat console [ ] All realtime data can be cleaned and stored to your own database in chat options [ ] Added Russian language (Elena Prokofieva) [ ] Added Portuguese/Brazilian language (Leonardo Fontoura) [ ] Added security rules for Firebase [ ] Added minimize arrow icon into popup header [ ] Added default avatar [ ] Realtime displaying chat button (delay is optional) [ ] Now there is only one button status (no difference btw online/offline status) [*] Now CX uses PHP sessions by default if possible.